Assessment for Learning Disabilities


Standardised Assessment Packages

PsychSolutions offer a range of standardised assessment packages designed to evaluate specific areas of your child’s development.  The two most commonly requested psychological assessments are cognitive (or intellectual) assessment and academic assessment.  

Cognitive Assessment

A cognitive assessment can promote greater understanding of academic performance and achievement.  As well, a cognitive assessment can identify the underlying issues that may be preventing a person from achieving his or her academic potential. Similarly, a person who is excelling at school may require support and enrichment within the classroom.  Learning disabilities, intellectual deficits, social problems and giftedness can be identified during a cognitive assessment.

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Comprehensive Assessment

Sometimes a more specific diagnostic assessment is required.  This may be an assessment of intellectual disability for the purpose of accessing further support through other agencies, or to meet criteria for entry to special programmes, or to access funding.  An assessment of this type usually requires a full cognitive assessment, and an assessment of adaptive behaviour or functional living skills.

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All standardised assessments and assessments for learning come with a comprehensive written report which will include recommendations for further intervention for your child.  These home and school-based interventions can be shared with your child’s teachers and school professionals to assist with educational planning for your child’s future.

Should you require a more specific focus such as ADHD assessment, dyslexia screening, or aspergers or autism spectrum disorder assessment, PsychSolutions can tailor an assessment package suited to your particular requirements. 

Other Services


Child Behaviour Therapy Intervention

HappyFamily_2.jpgThe child behaviour therapy intervention is a four-session intervention tailored to the specific needs of your child, and designed around the parameters of your unique home environment. This intervention is specifically designed to cater for a wide range of behaviour issues which you may be experiencing, and to assist with parenting your child in a positive and pro-active way.  Interventions are designed specifically to suit your home situation.

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Individual Counselling Services

PsychSolutions also offers individual sessions to address specific areas of need.  Counselling services for specific phobias such as needle phobia, generalised anxiety issues, depression, abuse issues and stress related to traumatic events can be addressed in individual sessions.  Supervision of teachers, Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLBs) and other related professionals is also offered through individual sessions. 

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Professional Development

PsychSolutions offers affordable professional development packages to schools, early childhood centres and community groups.  From short sessions on specific topics to whole day packages of in-service training, catering to small and large groups, PsychSolutions can provide tailor-made training for your staff, parent group or community organisation.

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