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The child behaviour therapy intervention is a four-session intervention tailored to the specific needs of your child, and designed around the parameters of your unique home environment. This intervention is specifically designed to cater for a wide range of behaviour issues which you may be experiencing, and to assist with parenting your child in a positive and pro-active way.  Interventions are designed specifically to suit your home situation.

You will:

Use research based skills to increase positive behaviour from your child
Learn how to set rules in your home and increase compliant behaviour
Learn how to manage Time Out for your child using up-to-date, research based strategies
Learn how to create better "Time In" for your family

Typically an initial 90 minute evaluation is carried out, which involves interviews with parents, assessment of particular concerns, and sometimes observations of your child.  Some basic in-home intervention strategies will be discussed with you at this time.  This will be followed up weekly with two one-hour intervention sessions, during which further strategies will be added, specific behaviour concerns will be addressed, and intervention progress monitored.  A final one-hour session is used to consolidate ideas, evaluate progress and determine whether further help is required. 

Typically this intervention is carried out over four weeks, and brief telephone support from a behavioural therapist can be sought to supplement intervention strategies and address concerns over the course of the intervention. 



What behaviours can this intervention address?                                                    

     ♦    Bedtime routines
     ♦    Morning routines
     ♦    Dawdling
     ♦    Oppositional behaviour
     ♦    Aggressive behaviour
     ♦    Verbal abuse
     ♦     Refusals
     ♦    Non-compliance
     ♦    Attention-seeking behaviours
     ♦    Swearing
♦    ADHD
♦    Bullying
♦    Self-harming behaviour
♦    Self-esteem issues
♦    Distractibility/Attention problems
♦    Social problems
♦    Stress and trauma related problems
♦    Anxiety problems
♦    School refusal


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