Comprehensive Assessment

Sometimes a more specific diagnostic assessment is required.  This may be an assessment of intellectual disability for the purpose of accessing further support through other agencies, or to meet criteria for entry to special programmes, or to access funding.  An assessment of this type usually requires a full cognitive assessment, and an assessment of adaptive behaviour or functional living skills. 

Alongside commonly used IQ tests such as a Weschler Intelligence Scale, a questionnaire-based form such as the Adaptive Behaviour Assessment Scale would be used as an assessment of adaptive skills functioning.  This measures ten additional skill areas : Communication, Community Use, Functional Academics, Home Living, Health and Safety, Leisure, Self Care, Self Direction, Social Skills and Work Skills. 

An assessment requires a face-to-face interview with a parent or caregiver usually lasting between 30 and 45 minutes prior to your child’s assessment.  During this interview you will be asked a number of questions relating to your child’s development and may also be required to fill out a questionnaire related to your child’s particular needs.  You will have the chance to have any questions regarding the assessment answered at this time.  Assessment with your child is done on a one-to-one basis with the psychologist.  Depending on the type of assessment required you will need to allow between 90 minutes and 2 ½ hours for the actual testing.  A comprehensive assessment may require a second visit. 

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middle-school-student-studying-math.jpgAll standardised assessments come with a comprehensive written report which will include recommendations for further intervention for your child.  These home and school-based interventions can be shared with your child’s teachers and school professionals to assist with educational planning for your child’s future.

Should you require a more specific focus such as ADHD assessment, dyslexia screening, or aspergers or autism spectrum disorder assessment, PsychSolutions can tailor an assessment package suited to your particular requirements.  




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