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PsychSolutions offers a range of psychological interventions and services to parents, schools, pre-schools and community groups in the greater Canterbury area.  PsychSolutions offers psychological assessment packages for children and adolescents with a focus towards designing effective interventions to address wide-ranging childhood issues.  PsychSolutions also offers specific in-home behavioural interventions, tailor-made to your unique situation, with practical, do-able strategies which you can use to assist your child to become self-managing and successful in their everyday interactions.  PsychSolutions can also design and present in-service training to educational facilities both at school and pre-school age, and to parent groups in the community.  PsychSolutions also assess adults for intellectual disability status.

Assessment Packages

Teacher_Student.jpgDo you have a good idea of your chillds potential for learning?  Are your expectations of their abilities realistic and are they performing to their capabilities?  What can you do to assist your child to develop to their full potential?


PsychSolutions can assist you in answering these questions with specific assessment packages designed to measure your childs abilities and unique skill set.  An assessment involves a snapshot of various aspects of a person. It may include assessment specific to academic or intellectual tasks, along with how well a person is able to function in daily life.  This mixture of cognitive, adaptive and academic tasks forms a picture to assiist in evaluating a person’s overall functioning. Psychological assessment helps in identifying learning problems, educational and academic issues, attention deficits, mood disorders, thought disorders, and many other facets of mental health. 
An assessment requires a face-to-face interview with a parent or caregiver usually lasting between 30 and 45 minutes prior to your child’s assessment.  During this interview you will be asked a number of questions relating to your child’s development and may also be required to fill out a questionnaire related to your child’s particular needs.  You will have the chance to have any questions regarding the assessment answered at this time.  Assessment with your child is done on a one-to-one basis with the psychologist.  Depending on the type of assessment required you will need to allow between 90 minutes and 2 ½ hours for the actual testing.  A more comprehensive assessment may require a second visit.
PsychSolutions offer a range of standardised assessment packages designed to evaluate specific areas of your child’s development.  The two most commonly requested psychological assessments are cognitive (or intellectual assessment) and academic assessment.  PsychSolutions have extensive experience in the administration, evaluation and interpretation of psychometric tests and all standardised tests come with a comprehensive written report, as well as a set of recommendations which assist with future planning for your child.

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Parenting Help

From pre-school through to adolescence children present a vast array of challenges for parents and families.

PsychSolutions is able to come to your home, make analyses of parent/child interactions and offer practical solutions to common childhood behaviour issues.  Typically over the course of four weeks PsychSolutions can make a functional analysis of your childs specific behaviour, design specific intervention plans to address issues you may be facing, give practical suggestions for strategies you might use to manage behaviour, and monitor ongoing progress.  More information is contained on our Services page. Some common child behaviour issues which might benefit from this approach are listed here :

     ♦    Bedtime routines
     ♦    Morning routines
     ♦    Dawdling
     ♦    Oppositional behaviour
     ♦    Aggressive behaviour
     ♦    Verbal abuse
     ♦     Refusals
     ♦    Non-compliance
     ♦    Attention-seeking behaviours
     ♦    Swearing
♦    ADHD
♦    Bullying
♦    Self-harming behaviour
♦    Self-esteem issues
♦    Distractibility/Attention problems
♦    Social problems
♦    Stress and trauma related problems
♦    Anxiety problems
♦    School refusal

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Training Packages 

parents_1.jpgPsychSolutions offers affordable professional development packages to schools, early childhood centres and community groups.  From short sessions on specific topics to whole day packages of in-service training, catering to small and large groups, PsychSolutions can provide tailor-made training for your staff, parent group or community organisation. 
With a focus on child development, behaviour, special education or parenting PsychSolutions can deliver dynamic and entertaining packages based on up-to-the-minute research on a wide range of topics.  Packages for training are designed to cater for the specific needs of the groups being addressed.  Presentations to teachers, principals, pre-schools, and kindergartens as well as PTA meetings, church groups and community organisations can be arranged.  Contact PsychSolutions to discuss tailoring a package for your group. 

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